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Cichorei Kano on struggling with randori

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View PostCichorei Kano, on 16 October 2010 - 01:01 PM, said:

Most people in jûdô struggle with randori. Randori is like writing a treatise. Randori is an interactive treatise in jûdô. To write a treatise, you need to master the vocabulary, and the grammar. It is not hard to fill a computer with a vocabulary database, a grammar rules database and a spell check. Despite that, few computers write exciting novels. Thus much more is necessary than just vocabulary and grammar. A good writer is not a mere technician, but an artist with words. His or her words can capture and convey emotions or describe landscapes as if you were there yourself. Dialogues are natural, flow out of nothing and make you feel part of it. Good writing requires a degree of freedom. While it is hard to teach how to be a good writer, it is generally accepted that there are ways that contribute to becoming a good writer. Two such things are: 1. reading books, and 2. practising writing. There are techniques that contribute to improve certain weaknesses. Re-reading and rewriting a word with which you struggle will likely contribute to one realizing that 'beleive' is better written 'believe' and that 'effect' is an entirely different word from 'affect', but it won't make you a real writer. That being said, I would expect a good writer to not mix up 'effect' and 'affect' and I would expect to never read the word 'beleive' in what he or she produces. Good writing emanates from oneself, often effortless, as a source, as flowing water. Randori similarly is not something you do; randori is not you; randori is 'it', and to do randori you should become part of 'it', "muga mushin". There should be no 'ego' in randori in a sense that it should not be about YOU. Randori is about jûdô, and 'it' will communicate through your body by avoiding that you would be where you would not need to be. As a result, your opponent has nothing but himself to conquer, since all he/she will meet is a shadow without ego. <_<

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19 October 2010 - 08:03 PM
One the best if not The Best, instructions I have seen in 62 years of Judo study. Arigato Sensei.
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