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BoE says to target rapid growth in mortgages or loans

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christian louboutin outlet to a charity but to family portrait

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November 18-19-20 - Home Training and Judo Class

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SUNDAY - Got home after a long shift and, though tired, decided to man up and get my workout in. Just a light one really - working on various fighting techniques individually then some traditional floorwork with basic kihon combinations, and finished with some kata.

MONDAY - Woke up early to fit in the workout before the day started but the...

Reflections on becoming a black belt

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I'm not writing this article to brag about it, but I made shodan this summer. It has proven to be one of the most humbling experiences of my life.

They say that shodan is really the point where you begin to learn judo. That statement simply passes in one ear and out the other of the mudansha (non-black belt ranks) who are aspiring to become...


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Today we did not have many white belts or people my age or size. So I worked with another white belt named big Jim. We did a lot of throwing drills today and worked on some armbars.. We did a lot of newaza at the end. Jim and I were exhausted since we could not rest. Jim weighs maybe 60 pounds more than me. He is also wide. It is hard to bridge...

Ladies and Gentleman, introducing...

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My name is Syd, I'm from South Africa and I'm 32 years old. I've been living in the UK for for the past 7 years and, a year ago, got married to the best woman I could ever have asked for!

I currently have a 6th Kyu (red belt) and hoping to get a 5th Kyu (Yellow belt) later this month.

I'll start of by explaining when and why...


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The other day I was showing my friend and team mate an escape/counter from ude garami and I asked another shodan to be my uke. As soon as I performed the move, the Shodan blocked the counter and attempted to execute another move to counter my counter. I was baffled.
When learning a move, uke must accept the technique instead of defending it....

British Judo Moving Forward

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British judo moving forward.

The rhetoric that is going on around British Judo, when I listen to all the aftermath of the Olympic Games success I wonder what part of the judo I missed out on.

Without a doubt Britain as a nation got it right, probably the best games ever, organisation down to the last detail perfect, results as a nation the...


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Herewith we have the honour to invite you to our international tournament. Our tournament will be held on 2 days, namely on

SATURDAY, January 19th, 2013 und SUNDAY, January 20th, 2013

at the Sports Centre "Tramsschapp" in Luxemburg-Limpertsberg (see access map), and this for


Scottish Judo Corporate Takeover.

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It's more than thirty years since Scottish Judo Federation first had discussions expressing there ideas, plans for the implementation of a judo centre of excellence in Scotland, huge dreams at the time, however an insight to what direction they wished to pursue.

I can still remember even now the many discussions, during this era, judo think...

comp results, bad and good ><

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well the ones i can find anyways...

clubs blog doesnt say how many fights just it was a large group, no medal =p

waaayyyy over my head, blue belt at the time, lost 2 fights and was knocked out pretty much straight away in -60kg
heck i still remmember the name...

Getting Better. Slow and Easy.

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The abdominal tear is getting better by the day. I hardly feel any pain when I sit up, something I couldn't even do weeks ago. I am so psyched to get back into training, but I don't want to do it too soon and set myself back. I have done that before for other sports and pretty much played with a constant injury. I am older now and it has...

Judo possibilities...

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It all started with a question on a judo chat forum.

Someone asked what were the best methods for advertising their new school.

A lot of great ideas were shared and it also got me thinking (marketing professional here!) about how best to advertise judo as a sport.

Bearing this in mind, I started to focus about judo slightly differently and...

Super-Beginner #1

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Image reduced in size
1. JŪDŌ - "This is tradition".
2. AIKIDŌ - "This is tradition".
3. KARATEDŌ - "This is tradition".
4. "This is tradition too..."

First day of Judo!

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So today was my first day. I was very excited to get there. I learned quite a bit my first night and I am looking forward to my next class. I found a lot of similarities with BJJ, which made me a little bit more comfortable. But for the most part I didn't know many of the rules and have a lot to learn in this transition. Image reduced in size If I continue to...

Day one approaches...

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Today's date: 3/5/12
Date of first Judo lesson: 3/6/12
Tomorrow I will embark on a journey that I plan on changing my life. As a long time martial artist I am challenging myself with the art of Judo until my dying days, to see how far I can take this amazing art of sport... and...
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