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Week 2

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Am still loving the journey of the Judoka it's only 2 weeks in but to be honest I cannot imagine doing anything else now. Loving this forum and a lot of the posts here have been invaluable and some really funny :lol:

Week 1
I am still glad that I got up the courage to ask my kids Sensei if it was ok to join and practice in the dojo. After months of sitting there on the sidelines watching my kids grow every lesson in skill and confidence and wishing that I could find the courage to just get amongst it.
I was actually going to go across the road to learn Tae Kwon Do but am glad I asked sensei before I went there and joined Judo instead.
The first week I was so nervous doing a forward roll I don't think sensei knew if my face was so red because I was so shy and nervous or if I was about to pass out from blood pressure. I definately felt faint and disorientated coming out of the roll.
All in all I made it through it senpai and sensei were brilliant although by the looks they were passing between each other I swear at some point they took a bet as to just how long I would last or how long it would be before I quit. I think senpai gave me longer lol Either way I felt a bit sized up. :unsure:

Week 2
Much better this week at the forward roll no dizziness :) Nearly broke my neck with a backward roll :sad( never thought I would have to learn not to keep my legs together for anything. Need to really practice rolling over the shoulder not straight over the neck, lesson learned the hard and painful way this week. Doesn't help I had been doing some shoulder stands to limber myself before going this week and was still in Yoga mode instead of Judo mode. (Note to self - do yoga after Judo for the soreness not before) Almost rolled into the piano a few times as well.
During Randori I got to partner with my 9 yr old daughter who must have thought I was telling her to clean her room :huh: she had no problem pulling off an amazing Ouchi gari to send mum crashing to the mat. She needs to learn to hang on to my sleeve still to get me in a hold before I roll away, other than that I think she even surprised herself ;)

A friend has invited me to bootcamp so Friday mornings I will be doing that, I just happened to coincidentally join when they were doing fitness assessments so that was great to get an idea of my fitness level and areas that I could use a bit of work on. On Monday will be doing cardio and kickboxing then Fridays weight training and cardio. My core strength apparently is really good which is great I was a bit worried that it would not be.

I asked my daughter if she likes doing Judo, she says yeah it's easy :blink: so am considering asking sensei if she could move to the more advanced class to give her something of a challenge. Am a bit worried now that she has thrown me if I ask her to clean her room she will think she has it over me lol (I better lift my game I think) :ph34r:

My son just loves having mum there, even he has improved this week. I was a bit concerned with how he would react to me being there. He shows off a bit when I am there but gratefully sensei handles him really well too and pulls him back into line.

He showed me Kouchi gari and Ouchi gari today at home lol he stands knee high to a grasshopper but still has no problem with kazushi with someone of my height 5 foot nothing.

Just finished reading Memoirs today, one of the best books I've ever read, really enjoyed reading about where Judo began. Thought it was interesting that Jigoro Kano was being picked on at school. The same reason I took my son and daughter to Judo in the first place. I have ordered some more books that I am keen to read. Saw a film clip on Keiko Fukuda and was brought to tears today, what an amazing woman :wub: have ordered Ju No Kata book but would really love to get a hold of born for the mat (better save my pennies for that one)

We are all having a great time and it really has brought us so much closer. Can't wait until next Tuesday. :rolly: :rolleyes:

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04 November 2011 - 07:30 AM
"The same reason I took my son and daughter to Judo in the first place..." is how I arrived at Judo as well.


10 November 2011 - 05:22 AM
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