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My Grandson

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Part of my legacy may be my grandson Gabrielito. He is six and some odd months, pushing seven, on the rocket pad yearning to be launched into seven and beyond. The world is still a wonderous palce in his child's eyes. He looks, laughs, and marvels at what is arround him...the possibilities of the yet to be explored. When he is with me, he knows he can get away with what he cannot with his parents. I remain his Saba, the one who is there as his sole grandfather, a sort of pillar of reliability in his child's work. I will let have the chocolate, the ice cream, the goodies that are otherwise restricted. He can tease me, joke with me, wrestle with me, cuddle up to me, hug me when he is sad or overjoyed, when words can't express his emotions, and he knows I will understand. He can talk with me about his jous when I take him to share judo, or to the snake farm and have a baby Ball Python cuddle in his hands, or when I get him different fossils and he revels in talking to me for hours about them. He take me to my computer to explore with him the creatures of the deep, air, and land on U-tube, and the videos he finds so funny. He knows that I love and accept him unconditionally. I also know that he does so me.

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26 April 2010 - 04:27 AM
I wish i could also have a delightful grandson like him :manoyes:


10 January 2011 - 04:18 AM
I just joined this site, clicked the "blog" link and saw this. Its abit heart touching. I was in his age when i started to practise Judo, 4 years old.. haha, could barrely stand up lol :D.. If you wanna teach him Judo.. i can say that.. to me.. Judo have teached me so, so, sooo much in life.. Judo have been a key part of my life.. Judo can really be a great thing :)
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