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shimewaza - my kid & naps...

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I'm not sure if I've spent much time on this topic but for the record....

It's my favorite activity and of all the techniques we study I'm actually fairly proficient in this area. I can defend well and rarely need to tap and spend a fair amount of time getting partners to tap!....and until last night have never taken a nap.....

Those of you keeping up know my boy Harley is now 15 and is allowed to use chokes. I have taught and drilled and worked these with him as much as possible - he loves them and has started to win matches with them. There is a certain thrill that comes from feeling the choke sink in and anticipating the Tap!!

I have always tried my best when working with lower grades to adjust my level to provide them with a challenge and working with my son is no different, although I must admit I likely go a little harder with him than others!

So last night was the first night of our summer session. The summers tend to be more intense than regular practice througout the year as the attendance is made up of mostly committed people. The "always there" crowd. So at the end of the regular practice I grab my boy and we bow in for a quick round of newaza. Well it all went downhill from there. Something has changed for him recently. Likely since he is peaking for Nationals - clearly!!

He's on his back and I'm in his "guard"....he shrimped out to the side and started up my back.. no problem I thought we've been here before - protect your neck and see what he does.. well he managed to slip a hand under and grab a lapel higher than my own hand and then dropped all his weight forward... done like dinner. Although the description is not great - it was on and tight!

I knew exactly the moment I should have tapped.. and it slipped by so fast I missed it!

He was very aware and saw one of my legs go limp and released immediatly. Oh what a feeling! Like I said.. never been napped before. The worst was coming around - I was trying to figure out why he wasn't choking me anymore... I was fine and trying to escape still... then I looked around and went "oh"...

I am so proud of him!! He was a little worried at first about putting his dad out but I made sure we were clear... this is what we are training so hard for! Its my job to tap his job to choke. I didn't do my job, he did his! He started talking about luck and I made sure again that he understood... "You had a plan, you executed the plan and you got the desired results" - that not luck thats good training.

I couldn't have planned it if I tried, the other result of this little incident is the confidence boost. He is going to his second Nationals in a week and he feels the top of the world!

Final Lesson for the evening... Don't underestimate your children .. they are out to get you!!!

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21 July 2010 - 02:26 AM
Excellent. Thanks for sharing. It is nice to see your children growing up.

Chu To Bu Judoka 

11 October 2010 - 01:16 AM
Thanks for sharing excellent reassurance on your part as well :manoyes:

The Guv'nor 

14 May 2011 - 02:59 PM
Nice read, keep up the good work fella
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