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ACL 7.5 months post - Hopefully my final ACL progress report!

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Well here I sit about 12.5 months after the injury and shy of 8 months since the procedure.

I had to re-read the last entry to remember what was going on!!

Basically - Back 100% - Full Randori, Training 3 times a week and working out Sun, Mon, Wed, Sat at home.

I am down to 80.5 kg in the mornings and feeling great! No issues with the knee at all - not even in bad weather!!

All things being equal - I won't technically be 100% until we pass the year mark, according to the docs/physio etc.

*** I do have a clean bill of health from Physio *** I continue to do some of the strengthening activities provided by physio and just add them to my workouts ***

So unless I actually re-injure or something this should be it!!

Competition Season Starts in September and I plan on being there going at it!! -81kg will be the category and I will continue to fight in the Senior Divisions and Masters when available.

Woo Hoo Away we go...

Thanks for following the updates!!

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18 April 2010 - 02:21 AM
Glad to hear you're back. Your experience parallels mine pretty much.

Dave ® 

18 April 2010 - 01:08 PM
Glad to hear it too!
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