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Posted 29 August 2009 - 04:52 PM

  • Tai-no-ido (body movement)
  • Tsugi-ashi (following foot)
  • Migi-sabaki, Hidari-sabaki (right and left movement)
  • Migi-mae-sabaki, Hidari-mae-sabaki (right and left forward movement)
  • Migi-harai, Hidari-harai (right and left sweep)
  • Migi-maware, Hidari-maware (right and left turn about)
  • Mae-shizume, Migi-shizume, Hidari-shizume (front, right and left sinking down)
  • Hiza-ate (knee strike)

  • Kata-te-tekubi-dori (single hand wrist hold)
  • Ryo-te-kata-te-dori (double hand wrist hold)
  • Shishi-gyaku-dori (reverse four finger hold)
  • Ude-kakae-dori (arm wrap hold)
  • Ushiro-dori (rear hold)

  • Ude-gyaku-dori (reverse arm hold)
  • Ushiro-eri-dori (rear collar hold)
  • Ushiro-kubi-himo-jime (rear neck rope choke)
  • Ushiro-dori (rear hold)
  • Kyohaku-dori (frontal hold)

"Purpose of Practice: Considering the usual consitution and the common character of women, these self-defense techniques have been formalized in order to aim at training the powers of courage, the staid character, demonstrating the decisive ability in time of need, and defending themselves from danger at any moment." Sumiyuki Kotani Kata of Kodokan Judo Revised 1968

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