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Wow, I'm sore.

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After observing a class last week I joined a club and experienced a class for the first time myself Sunday night. It was great, I had fun and it feels like I am already learning a lot.

I have always though of myself as a physical or atheletic person and granted it has been a while since I have been physically active, but I cannot believe how sore I am. I am in a lot of pain right now and I anticipate I will be in more tonight as I attend my second class, but from my experience as an athelete this soreness is a loud and clear indication of an effective workout.

I left class in a great mood although I felt slightly nauseous and my legs felt like jello. I look forward to becoming stronger, developing my stamina and eventually getting used to this level of soreness.

Can anyone recommend any good Judo books for beginners?

I was thinking about picking up "Best Judo."

I am interested in developing a better understanding of the fundementals and also the terminology.

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