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Fundamentals, learn the judo first, train to win after.

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Fundamentals, learn the judo first, train to win after.

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though chequered by failure, these are words from a dear judo friend to give me strength and possibly comfort.

Raising my head above the parapet once again, questions I am asking myself, are we truly getting the maximum out of the present training program, is our input sufficient enough to get results, are our methods in which we presently deliver coaching throughout GB absolutely correct or do they need reform, restructuring.

I despair that we ignore what is so evident, the real problem being lack of skill knowledge, lack of application of skills by the judoka, weak delivery of these skills by the coaches, we have arrived at a point where impact is being felt now by our Elite judoka, they deliver results less successfully on the international stage than most other nations.

I feel our coaches are in denial, methods of coaching by many are outdated, static in time, our present system has drastically failed to provide a credible framework for future development, we need to see the beginning of growth speed up soon.

The need for our contest judoka to be better skilled, proficient in all the basic building blocks as everyone else, however they must be progressive and more inventive in training methods, they have to encompass conventional and unconventional methods and be aware that basic judo will not be enough for them to succeed alone.

Power judo is tough, it is therefor significant to continually review the training program, importance to focus on acquisition to application of skills, for development to continue we must first develop a strong coaching infrastructure that will grow and sustain long term, understanding the need to repeatedly self reflect.

We have to entirely transform the way we perceive judo to be in GB, the whole thought process at present has become stale, ( no longer able to perform well or creatively because of having done the same for to long ) a new ambitious vision to implement modern methods of skill set is required.

Emphasis placed to plan and deliver new methods of training sessions where necessary to augment that which is already established, new ways to develop quality with structure to implement real skill delivery. New philosophy required to develop effective pathways through planner frame, enabling us to accelerate progress in performance, this is the only way forward to improve development, real skill enhancement.

Until we see stability and improvement I feel we must get back to grass routes judo, to much input, time, money spent on management, coaches, without very much value for money, we have placed ourselves in the worst dilemma in decades.

Before we start to deliver at Peak levels, we must influence, transform policy towards coaching real judo, find the aspiration in which to embed innovative coaching with quality, acknowledge importance of real skill acquisition at development phase with the outcome
to build and maintain a strong base of fundamental knowledge as to feed through the system to reach Performance Levels.

The spirit to be the best has got to be more important than anything else, fighting spirit is part of being a contest player, it distinguishes you from everyone else, however spirit without skill will not be enough, a proper grounding in all the skills of judo is necessary for the young Judoka to transcend into the contest arena as a winner, we must start to learn judo before we learn to win.


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