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Shiai Injury

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Well I missed class on Friday for two reasons. One, I twisted my knee doing a ouchi gari, during a club shiai on Tuesday. Two, my sister had her second little girl. Yay! So, my knee is still pretty buggered up today a week later. These type of injuries are such a pain in the rear. I can walk pretty much normal, and stand fine but trying to lift and bend my knee even to put some pants on hurts. This feels a lot like when I suffered my groin pull. Of course that night, after the pop, I was a little freaked out. So I got up and walked around trying to feel if everything was okay. Everything felt more or less fine. So I had one more match which I lost, not surprised too much. We stood around talking after class for quite a while and I could feel my knee stiffening up. By the time we left, I could tell I had injured it. So I went home and did the standard RICE. I have noted a couple times now that if something like this occurs I do not feel it until later. Wisdom would dictate that now if something like this occurs I should stop for the rest of class to see if it is okay. Adrenaline is a good and bad thing. It looks like I will be the kids helper for a while now.

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