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From the top

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Wednesday nights bjj class was all about submitting from the top mount position. We worked an arm bar, americana/ key lock, and a neck crank.

First up was the arm bar. We place our hands like we are doing CPR over the chest trapping the opponents armin between our arms. Then we lay the leg, that is on the opposite side of the trapped arm, down scooping under the shoulder with the foot. We then lean our weight towards the opponent's leg oposite the side of their trapped arm. This allows the other leg to be light and facilitates whipping the leg over the head and scooping in the head then we can take the arm bar from there or we rock back and pinch the knees and lift the hips for a basic arm bar.

Then we isolated an arm from top mount by swimming our arms from inside out to take the americana, also known as the key lock. The opposite side arm blocks the head and monkey grips the wrist. The other arm slides under the elbow monkey gripping our own wrist. We pull the opponents arm in tight. Then as the elbow is lifted, the knuckles are dragged back.

In case we can't get the americana because there is too much resistance from the opponent, we go for the neck crank. The arm that is blocking the head slides under the head, lifting the head up. The hand slides under the arm at the elbow and then crab walks around. The hips are pressed down and the back arched to crank the neck. If the crank doesnt work, sometimes because an opponents flexibility you need to get under the armpit instead of under the elbow.

Afterwards we rolled first with one person mounted while the other starts in mount. the mounted needed to escape and were only allowed to escape. The ones in mount had to prevent losing the mount and submit. I did pretty well. I worked with my training partner which is basically us going around in circles. LOL. It's like playing with a mirror. I also rolled with my instructor a bit. Then I rolled no gi with someone else. We went for a while. I had a few good escapes. All in all a good practice.

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