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Crunch Time

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Unfortunately I got stuck late doing work and I was late for practice. When I arrived, the class was reviewing all the techniques we have covered. The following classes are all going to be review. Matt Serra is visiting the school and wants to see our progress so we need to impress. We worked all the basics. We practice sweeps, side control, mount, armbars, etc.

Afterwards we rolled a bit. My first roll actually got cut short. My jaw got shifted (TMJ), from a rear naked choke across the mouth and chin. I just hate the piercing feeling in my ear. It made me sit out for a few minutes. Then I rolled a long time with two more people. It's funny how well we've learned eachothers' game. This makes rolling with eachother endless. LOL. My wrist and elbow held out pretty well. The swelling has gone down a lot and my elbow is feeling good too, unless it gets armbared. Then it hurts. :P

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